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We Create , You Fly

The World Leading UAV, eVTOL Design & Innovation Company

We design and manufacture unmanned multirotors, fixed wings, VTOL planes, and helicopters.

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Let Our Designs Take Your Business to Next Higher Level

AirCraft Type



Fixed Wing (VTOL Wing)

eVTOL  Aircraft

Aerodynamic  Design

Aerodynamic combines with Flight mechanics, we design unique aircrafts

CFD Optimization

Aerodynamic shapes

Propulsion Analysis

aeroelastic analysis

Structural design

Structural innovation 

Layout optimization

CMF design

GCS and UI design

Unprecedented Velocity.
Impeccable Reliability.

The Aviation Design, LLC is established between Volitation and ADTi. We are professional UAS and aircraft R&D group with manufacturing capabilities.

Volitation, founded in 2015, is dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing, integration and service of high-end unmanned aircraft systems. Adhering to the principles of responsibility, efficiency, devotion and innovation, it provides reliable and professional industry solutions.

ADTi, founded in 2017, also known as UnmannedRC, is a technology company engaged in UAS Payload systems, UAV development and manufacturing, ground control station R&D, propulsion systems and flight control systems.


We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Engineers & PhDs.


Design Completed


Aircraft Made


Sold to Countries 

Our Partners


Are You Ready to Own Your Unique UAS or Aircraft?

We also have:

ISO9001 quality management system certification

4000 square feet R&D facility with 28 engineers and professionals 

32000 square feet, five complete production lines factory (Helicopters, Multirotors, and VTOL fixed wings) with more than 50 staffs

46 Millions USD Investment Fundings

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