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Fixed Wing & VTOL UAV

VTOL Airplane combines fixed wings and multirotor, so it can take off and land vertically, which do not need special runway and large takeoff and landing site.we have done each of our VTOL airplane in best aerodynamic efficient.

MultiRotors have very good maneuverability and hovering ability, also multirotors are great options for Special tasks such as pipeline inspection, and underground tunnel survey, or hovering for aerial surveillances.





Most unmanned helicopters are designed for defense, homeland security and civil applications, also they are ideal for demanding maritime applications, such as anti-piracy, search and rescue, and offshore cargo delivery.  Unmanned helicopters have excellent carrying capacity, so that can handle a wide range of mission requirements.

We also design special aircraft such as "eVTOl AirTaxi", contact us for detail information.

Special aircraft

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