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About Aviation Design, LLC

Our Mission

We create aircrafts, solve all complex design issues, innovation challenges, technical problems, to help our customers achieve their goals.

Our Innovation

we keep innovating, this is our core value in our blood. With 28 engineers and PhDs in the Aviation area and millions invested in research and development,  The Aviation Design Group drives innovation that will shape aircraft system as we want.

Our Values

Designing aircrafts and propulsion system for good uses

Customers' requirements are what we want

Delivering the best solutions, not just better 


Company Overview

Aviation Design, LLC is an international company in the aviation sector. We design, manufacture and deliver industry-leading aircrafts, such as helicopters, multirotors, fixed wings, VTOL airplanes and eVTOL manned aircrafts, as well as aero propulsion systems. Aviation Design Group has extensive experience and knowledge in providing full solutions for prototyping, testing, composite material frame molding, and fully carbon fiber or composite material airframe manufacturing along with our existing fleet of OEM ready to fly aircraft solutions.

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