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Alien (Tianfu) Multi-rotor

​“Wing" featured long endurance quadcopter 

Wheelbase: 1220mm

Takeoff Weight: 7-9 kg

Battery Weight: 2.7 kg

Frame Weight: 3.5 kg

Payload Weight: 0-1.5kg

Size: 980x930x240mm

Max AMSL: 4000 meter

Operating Temperature: -20-60 C

Max Flight Speed: 50 km/hr

Cruise Speed: 30 km/hr

Endurance: 70 mins per battery ( no payload)


it can carry 30X zoom RGB camera, OR the dual sensors for aerial inspection and surveillance for both commercial and national defence.


It has aerodynamic design similar with fixed wing, when it moves forward at 8 m/s, the endurance will increase 17%.


Smart battery BMS, battery protection, smart balance charging, and battery level display.

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