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Aircraft Length: 3930mm
Aircraft Height 1775.5 mm
Aircraft Wingspan: 8000 mm
Engine: electric propulsion system (VTOL)/ Dual EFI Gas engines (fixed wing)
MAX Payload: 75 kg (including fuel weight)
MAX Take-off weight: 160 kg
Cruising Speed: 27 m/s
Endurance: 3 hours with 60 kg payload/ 8hours with 40kg payload
Climb Rate: 4 m/s (fixed wing)
Max Altitude: 5000 Meter
Operational Temperature: -20℃-50℃
Wind Resistance: takeoff and landing 27-38km/hr; cruising 30-45 km/h


D150 has unique design, all the avionics (flight controlling unit, GNSS, INS, gas engine, batteries and fuel tanks) are in the fuselage (see left photo), so it can carry any shape custom-made cargo, delivery box, even fixed wing UAV or UGV.  


Professional design trustworthy

we use Vortex-Lattice Method, CST Airfoil Parameter Method, CFD simulation, also another professional design methodologies to achieve each specifications. 

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