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Wingpsan: 2.3 meter
Length: 1.38 meter
Max Takeoff Weight: 8.5 kg
Max Payload Weight: 1.5 kg
Stall Speed: 65 km/hr
Criuse Speed: 78 km/hr
Max Speed: 95 km/hr
Endurance: 2.5 hrs no payload

Pterosaur VTOL UAS is developed for special take-off and landing environment application tasks, high-performance UAV system. This system has high reliability and convenient maneuverability, excellent quality, optimized aerodynamic layout, equipped with fully automatic take-off and vertical landing system. It can be installed with high-precision and stable photoelectric platform, hyperspectral and oblique surveying cameras, etc.

Full Protection

1. Low voltage and oil speed protection
2. Abnormal posture protection
3. High abnormal protection
4. GPS positioning accuracy protection
5. EKF system fault protection
6. Autonomous RTF
7. Parachute protection

Screenshot (42).png

Perfect Mapping Platform

The Pterosaur VTOL UAS can flyover at max 4500 Meter MASL,and also has very good wind resistance ( level 6 wind), also it can takeoff and landing in a very low power consumption. 

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