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UniCorn- Unmanned Helicopter

Max Takeoff Weight: 50kg​

Payload and Fuel Weight: 32kg

Standard Fuel Tank: 25L

Max Speed: 80km/hr

Cruise Speed: 65km/hr

Standard Endurance: 60 mins (depends on fuel and payload)

Standard Datalink Range: 65km

Size: 3000x550x800 mm

Max AMSL: 4000 meter

Operating Temperature: -35-60 C


turbine drive engine, and can convert the high power of the engine into usable shaft power in a suitable way, small in size but very high payload capacity.


can takeoff and land in high altitude mountain area, as well as ocean area, has water-proof and dust-proof, can be operated under extremly cold weather condition


unicon helicopter has been widely used for powerline and pipeline inspection, heavy payload mapping such as lidar and hyperspectral camera mapping, as well as search and resue.

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