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2 Years Project Accomplishment-1.5 Tonnes MTOW Transport UAV for Future Low-altitude Logistics Services

Aviation Design LLC has been accomplished a 2 year R&D project for our client starting from a concept to a finished product, which is a 1.5 tones MTOW Cargo UAV.

The size of China's low-altitude economy by 2023 is estimated at more than 500 billion yuan, with its scale expected to rise to 2 trillion yuan by 2030, this project was started on 2022, and now we achieved a satisfactory goal from our customer.

In the last half year of 2023, Aviation Deisng LLC has been testing this large fixed wing UAV for over 80 time, and product Iteration 10 times.

this UAV has MTOW of 1.5 tonnes, and it has 5 cubic meter size of cargo, carry 500-600kg goods, fly for 1000 km range ( Max 180 km/hr, and 6-7 hours endurance), only needs 400-500 meter takeoff and land runway.

The achievement of this transport UAV just leaded our customers signed tens millions dollars project fund in advance, and also over tens millions of series A funding from venture capital firms, those funds will be used to expand the team, expand the market, develop flight controlling system, improve the safety performance of the aircraft, and apply for future low-altitude flight licenses.

Estimating of the first batch of the UAV will be 20000 units by end of 2025.

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