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TX-D30 UAV, which can handle either VTOL or fixed wing platforms.

XT-D35 VTOL UAV has excellent aerodynamic design, which can do both VTOL or fix wing UAV, it has long endurance (MAX 10 hours) depends on the payload weight, large payload capacity (Max 7 kg).

it can do full lipo batteries power, or hybrid (battery + gas engine) power VTOL UAV.

Aircraft Length: 2260 mm

Aircraft Height: 800 mm

Aircraft Wingspan: 3920 mm

Engine: 60CC engine

MAX Payload: 8 kg

MAX Take-off weight: 35 kg

Cruising Speed: 24-40 m/s

Endurance: 8 hours with 2 kg payload (actual flight test)

Climb Rate: 4 m/s (fixed wing)

Max Altitude: 5400 Meter

Operational Temperature: -20℃-50℃

Wind Resistance: takeoff and landing 27-38km/hr; cruising 30-45 km/h

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