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D150 -the ALL-In-One transport aircraft VTOL UAV


D150 UAV autopilot system IB2480PRO:

The IB2480PRO is comprised of three I-balance professional autopilots, mounted on an adapter board, or redundancy board. The three ibalance IB2480 autopilots are prioritized. At the start, the autopilot in position one flies the airframe. If this autopilot should fail, the IB2480 in position two takes over, and so on. The redundancy board provides several input/output (I/O) ports. The board also includes two RS232 serial ports designed to communicate with a ground control system via radio modems. As a result of this design, users never need to work directly with bare circuit boards. The entire redundancy board is enclosed to protect the system, the whole design makes the autopilot system rarely and hard to failture by any reason.


The lifting T-motor Custom Made propulsion systems specifically designed for D150 (lifting propulsion system):

the VTOL propulsion this aircraft adopt X8 configuration, in this way, any one or two motors fail, unless two are in the same arm, the aircraft will be safe for takeoff and landing. The X8 propulsion redundancy system make this aircraft more reliable than another type of VTOL UAS


120L gas tank is made by KEVLAR composite material for for long endurance

Dual EFI UAV Engines 222CC (one front engine, and another rear engine,If one engine should fail, another engine takes over, this dual gas engine redundancy system make this aircraft much safer than another type of hybrid Fixed wing UAS.



Aircraft Length: 3930mm

Aircraft Height 1775.5 mm

Aircraft Wingspan: 8000 mm

Engine: electric propulsion system (VTOL)/ Dual EFI Gas engines (fixed wing)

MAX Payload: 75 kg (including fuel weight)

MAX Take-off weight: 160 kg

Cruising Speed: 27 m/s

Endurance: 3 hours with 60 kg payload/ 8hours with 40kg payload

Climb Rate: 4 m/s (fixed wing)

Max Altitude: 5000 Meter

Operational Temperature: -20℃-50℃

Wind Resistance: takeoff and landing 27-38km/hr; cruising 30-45 km/h

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