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BAIHU (BH)4300 85KG Large VTOL UAS has been Launched

Since the 85kg heavy load and long endurance new tandem-wing UAV successfully flew during the new year 2021, it has been used in many areas such as aerial surveillance, aerial lidar mapping, and border defence.

In terms of the fuselage structure design, a tandem layout aircraft has very efficient aerodynamics features as well as large fuselage interior space for heavy payload system and large volume fuel tank, this aircraft has Maximum take off weight of 85kg, which is another heavy-duty unmanned aerial vehicle after the Tianyu “UniCorn” unmanned helicopter with a take-off weight of 50kg. The UAV can carry large-scale high-precision equipment and large-load tasks for delivery, also it has 8 hours endurance with 20kg payload weight. This BAIHU (BH)4300 VTOL UAS is designed and owned by Aviation Design, LLC.

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