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Azure 35kg VTOL UAS - Carrying 5KG Lidar and Camera Mapping System for 10 Hours Mapping Mission

Updated: May 29, 2023

The Azure vertical take-off and landing fixed wing is a fully autonomous UAV platform product designed and owned by Aviationdesign, LLC.

The aircraft design department proposed and implemented the following design concepts.

  1. Aesthetic-Aerodynamic Design Optimization

  2. The functional division of the fuselage is defined, and the locations of avionics equipment have been distributed in order to get the best performance,the modular design of each components improves the stability of the finished fuselage, the efficiency of mass production, Simplifies maintenance and also make easy to be carried by a single person.

  3. Large payload capacity with long endurance

We combined the high aerodynamic efficiency tandem fixed-wing and quad-rotor concepts, makes the Long2010 can takeoff and landing vertically, as the same time, it can reach 10 hours with 5KG Payload equipment. ( Real testing data : 20kg batteries and VTOL plane weight, 10kg fuel weight, and 5kg mapping equipment weight).

The fixed wing engine and propeller are placed behind the fuselage, maintaining a streamlined structure, high propulsion efficiency, clean air flow on the main wing, lower resistance of the whole aircraft, in this way to increased flight time.

The fuselage adopts an arc design, which further increases the load space while taking into account the good Aesthetic features.

The modular design:

As below photo shows, the quick attach-detach feature does not need any tools for assembling the components together in the field, a single operator can easily set up this big plane in mins.

Azure is made by:

  1. Carbon fiber composite material-light weight and high strength

  2. We paint the frame during the molding processing, instead of the painting the whole frame in the last step ( taken off from the mold), our processing is more complex. However, the internal spray paint during molding processing makes the surface of the body flat and smooth, the paint more durable and last longer, also can reduce the forward wind resistance of the drone during flight and increase the flight time.

  3. We are using T-MOTOR custom-made propulsion system, designed specifically for Long2010, efficient and durable.


Length: 2010mm

Height: 500mm

Wingspan: Front 2820mm/ Rare 3740mm

Fixed wing engine: 60 cc EFI

Fueltank capacity: 10L (35kg takeoff weight fuel consumption 0.87 L/hr real testing Data)

Max Payload: 10kg ( 6L fuel )

Cruise speed: 24-40m/s (fixed wing)

Max endurance: 10 hours

Max climb rate: 4m/s (fixed wing)

Testing height above sea-level: 5000m

Operating temperature: -20 - 50 °C

Wing resistance: 38km/hr (takeoff and landing) / 49km/hr (fixed wing cruising)

The following photos show a ground defense flight in a mountainous area, with 6kg lidar equipment mounted, 31kg take-off weight, 200m above ground altitude, mission endurance is 6 hours, and the inspection mission was successfully completed.

If you have an UAV or UAS Design inquriy please feel free to contact us:

AviationDesign, LLC is powered By Volitation and ADTi.

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