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New Product Launch Soon ||The White Stork VTOL Fixed Wing UAV (150kg takeoff weight platform )

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

The White Stork VTOL Fixed Wing UAV (150kg takeoff weight platform )is going to join our UAV family.

The White Stork VTOL Fixed Wing UAV has been taking more than 6 months for Aviation Design LLC to complete the design, and it is expected to make its first test flight by the end of 2022.



Maximum take-off weight: 162kg

Load capacity: 75kg (including flight controller, battery, payload and fuel)

Flight time: 12-20h@30kg; 10-15h@45kg depends on the engine type

Wingspan: 8000mm

Length*height: 3930*1775.5mm

Load bin size: 2070*585*405mm


This model is an innovative self-developed flight platform product of Aviation Design LLC. It adopts forward design and is guided by system engineering theory, method and process model.

↑↑↑ CFD static pressure distribution and streamline diagram ↑↑↑

↑↑↑ CFD wall shear stress cloud diagram ↑↑↑

↑↑↑ CFD Stall Condition Simulation Analysis ↑↑↑

↑↑↑ CFD Stall Condition Simulation Analysis ↑↑↑


High aerodynamic efficiency, lift-to-drag ratio 14.2


Independent load compartment, large space, heavy load


Both rudder surface and power adopt redundant design, with high safety margin

Rudder surface mixing technology, if either or the opposite direction is damaged, the UAV can still return safely

If any of the two engines is damaged, it can return safely


two versions- fixed wing and VTOL

  1. fixed wing



Aviation Design LLC R&D and design team has 7 years UAV design experience that focused on the design and development of small and medium-sized high-end aircraft and UAV. during the 7 year our team have completed more than 94 R&D projects, and has formed an innovative and unique design concept and an efficient R&D process. The core members of the team are PhDs and engineers graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanchang Aviation University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, MIT and other higher aeronautical institutions. They are all experts, professors and PhDs in aircraft related majors, and have more than ten years of experience in the drone industry. In addition, the team closely relies on the technology and resources of Beihang University, masters the cutting-edge technology of aircraft design at home and abroad, some of them have involved China spacecraft project, and has the most comprehensive simulation and experimental conditions in China.

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