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UAS Design- This Is What We Do ( Part One)

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

UAS Sketch Designing

According to the design requirements, we determine the initial design parameters and configuration of the UAV.

Aerodynamic shape design

Our design teams combine aerodynamic and flight mechanics theories to design the shape of the aircraft, which consist of overall aerodynamic layout design,Parametric design of airfoil,Rudder surface layout,fuselage structure design, etc, also use CFD to verify design results.

The iterative design process usually be needed due to the air resistance and 3D modeling calculations, it will be done effectively by our experienced professional engineers.

Propeller Design

Some special projects require propeller design. According to the propeller design requirements, we determine the blade configuration, propeller size, weight (filling material), number of blades, and blade thickness.

We will restructure the blades according to the propeller stall characteristics in those special design projects.

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