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You Are Not Find Many of These Type of VTOL UAVs!

At Aviation Design LLC, we strive to motivate everyone to push beyond themselves, set higher goals and never settle for the ordinary. We take every cutomer on a journey to inspire a breakthrough, achieve their highest standards and needs.

We knows, we can find many VTOL UAVs that have lifting capacity from 1 kg to 15kg, and takeoff weight from 15kg to 60kg. Also there are large scale heavy payload UAVs , with take off weight above 1000kg, as well as payload over 300kg.

However, if you are trying to find the VTOL UAVs, which can lift 50kg payload, with takeoff weight MAX 180kg for endurance 12-20 hours, you will notice that there are no many choices for this type.

that is why we are innovating the 180 KG Takeoff Weight 50 KG Payload with over 15 hours (MAX 20 hours flight time).

please see attached photos below for this new hybrid poqwe VTOL :

want to know more information about this plane?

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